Two Year Old Toddlers

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Two Year Old Toddlers

Age Range:
2 - 3 years
Areas of Learning:


Art & Music

Reading & Writing

Two year old youngsters are truly unique. They now possess basic verbal skill and knowledge of what they feel is necessary for their happiness. It takes a special environment to handle the Terrific Twos and you’ll find that environment here at Peachtree Park Prep!

This is the perfect age to start learning Spanish, Computers, and Music. Toddlers in this program also thoroughly enjoy moving through different educational environments and expressing themselves through sensory activities. Peachtree Park Prep is unique because we have our Lead Teacher accompany our students to different Theme Rooms where they can participate in activities such as art, music, reading & writing, dance, and creative moment in an environment that was specifically created for that purpose. When these Terrific Twos hit our gym, you’ve never seen so many smiles in one place in all your life!

We use all of our resources in a developmentally appropriate manner to ease your toddler into these exciting new experiences. Our Kind Child activities focus on social skills and promoting your child’s feelings of self-esteem. Each teacher and specialist is highly qualified, experienced, and knows all of the wonderful ways to make each day a creative, stimulating, and happy time.