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Age Range:
5 - 6 years
Areas of Learning:


Chinese & Spanish


The Primary program at Park Prep builds upon the advanced educational activities that our preschool children experience in our Preppies program. This program is an powerful alternative to kindergarten that accelerates your child into a successful elementary school career.

Having already experienced a kindergarten level education and learning environment as a Peachtree Pre-K student (Preppie III), we begin each Primary school year with Grade 1 Houghton Mifflin textbooks. This advanced curriculum is further enhanced by specialty Instruction in Art, Music, Spanish, Chinese, Computer Application, and Physical Education.

Combining high academic standards with an outstanding faculty and administrative staff, Peachtree Park Prep is a hallmark of early private education. Our Primary students consistently test at top percentiles with grade equivalencies as high as 3rd grade when compared to students across the nation.

Our application process begins in February.
Acceptance letters are awarded in April.
Class size: 12 students


“Peachtree Park Prep has more high achieving students
and fewer average and low achieving students
than do most other schools in the nation”