"Peachtree Park Prep is without a doubt the BEST school in
the area.  I leave my boys there and know they are well
taken care of.  The owner runs a top notch educational
environment.  The teachers...I can't say enough good
things about them.  We have been there for 3 years
and I am so thankful for this school!"

"The academics are excellent from Spanish, Computer,
Art, and Music to writing and reading...starting at
age two..."

"My son has been attending this school

for over a year and our newborn just
The teachers and staff are
great and very loving.  My 2 year old
attends Spanish, Gymnastics,
Cinema Time, and Computer Lab. 
The education he receives is
above any other school."

"This is the best school going....The teachers and directors
are engaging and always available..."

"This school is superb...the teachers have been there a long time which says a lot about the way the school is run.  It's like a family and the quality of education is outstanding.  Definitely worth it!"

"I feel great leaving my children here! 
They love it!  My daughter is reading at age 4. 
The teachers and Director have been here
forever!  The owner is always available. 
The curriculum blows away any other
school in the area."

"I have both both of my children at PPP.  I cannot say enough good things
about this school.  My kids love it!  They have low turnover, excellent teachers,
and friendly staff.  They are worth every penny."

"Excellent school.  Our little girl loves
going and it is difficult to
her to leave!  The curriculum  for
preschool is packed full of fun and
educational activities for the children."

"Best School!  The teachers are amazing and very loving to all of the children. 
Pre-K and Kindergarten students test well into private schools.  My son is reading at 3-1/2!"

"I have three children attending this school (2 babies and a preschooler). 
oldest (3-1/2) attended a different daycare/preschool before PPP. 
No other school compares to PPP.  My babies are held, cuddled and constantly
played with.  I really feel that my babies are loved by their teachers. 
My oldest child is stimulated with the perfect balance of play and education. 
My only issue is that I fear that any school she attends after PPP
will suffer in comparison."

"This school is AMAZING!!  I have both of
 my children enrolled since the Infant Room. 
My daughter is about to enter the
Kindergarten program and my son is in
Preppie II and not only do they love coming
to school everyday, my daughter is reading
at a first grade level!  Couldn't be a better
school and the staff is wonderful!"

" doesn't matter what time I arrive, my child never wants to leave!"


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